Toy Hauler

The Traxx Series II Toy Hauler was designed for the caravanner who enjoys taking their toys, but also likes to caravan in style.


With an east west bed, toilet/shower combo, oven, sink and bench space, this Toy Hauler is ideal for those family weekends of racing competitions.

Drop down bunk beds to accommodate 4 people in the rear where the bottom two bunks can be utilised as a lounge.

This Toy Hauler is great for either a family who loves to see the great outdoors on a motorised toy or simply a large family that needs the room.

The Traxx Series II Toy Hauler is designed with On The  Move Caravans contemporary and innovative style. The rear of the Toy Hauler has been specially crafted so that there is ample room to fit motorbikes or any other big boy toys you may have.



Want the best of both worlds? Travel in comfort with your family and also have the convenience of taking your favourite toys away with you so your travel adventures have no boundaries.
External Body Length: Internal Body Length: External Body Width: Internal Height:
6.90m 6.55m 2.34m 2.01m

Floorplans and imagery are for illustrative purposes only and may contain upgraded features.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Leaf spring Suspension Light Weight Supergal Chassis
Extended Drawbar 2 Arm Bumper Bar
6” Chassis 6” A-Frame
50 mill ball 16” Tyres and Rims
8” Jockey Wheel Drop Down Stabilising Legs
Single Manual Pullout Step Battery boxes on chassis rail

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