Let's introduce the new team at On The Move Caravans

On the move show team
On The Move Caravans Show team
On The Move Caravans Traxx Series 3
On The Move Caravans Adventure range 6.3F

A lot of people know that we have made a number of changes at On The Move Caravans in recent months, and we felt it was high time we started introducing these people to our current and future customers.

Over the coming months we will do individual profiles on each of the key team members. Today we will give you a bit of an overview of the team leading the way at On The Move Caravans.

Luke Hallett is the new General Manager at On The Move. 

Peter Naylor is our Engineer and manufacturing expert.

Will Fierro is our lead designer.

Abraham Fouani is the National Sales Manager.

Brand Manager is Andrew Wakefield.

Brand Administrator is Brig Dooley.

This group comprises many decades of experience in the RV industry, and we will delve into the individuals experience in future articles. We are very confident that this team has placed the brand in a very good position to continue to grow the brand, and continue to deliver an excellent product for our customers.

The team is working on several product upgrades across our existing range, and introducing some exciting new ranges to take to the caravan market. One of those exciting new ranges is the Adventure range, which has been met with great enthusiasm during our soft launch of the product at some recent caravan shows.

We look forward to working with both our existing customers, and future customers, and delivering a truly unique range of products for Australians to get out and enjoy this great country of ours.

Stay tuned for the upcoming individual team member profiles, and get to know the team at On The Move Caravans.