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On The Move Caravans was created from a dream by owners Lennie and Jennifer Mifsud. Lennie, a qualified auto electrician, and Jennifer, an interior designer, wanted to put their various trade skills and love of the outdoors into their favorite pastime, caravanning.
Their commitment and dedication over the past 12 years has led them to design a range of vans to suit all travellers’ needs.

Whether you’re a fisherman, an off-road enthusiast or just the happy traveller wanting to see our vast country. On The Move Caravans has a collection that is sure to satisfy your travelling requirements. Their team of quality craftsmen endeavour to create your ultimate travelling holiday package on wheels. There is nothing spared when it comes to quality at On The Move Caravans.

Their family values haven’t changed. Jermaine, their eldest, coming into the business, working between studying to be an aeronautical engineer. Who knows, maybe one day their vans will fly. Their youngest, Portia, will come in on the odd occasion to help out in the office, working between high school and other commitments. Even Lennie’s father, Joe, at the young age of 78 comes in to lend a hand.

A true Australian owned and run family business!


2006 and Before
On The Move Caravans are excited to announce that we have been certified as an Australian Made Product! We stand proud to display the logo on all our range and appreciate being recognised as an authentic premium quality product
New Model: Traxx Series II Slideout
Annual Road Trip
Our Annual On The Move road trip: Victor Harbour, SA
New Model: Traxx Series II
New Model: Bullet
Annual Road Trip
Our Annual On The Move road trip: Lightning Ridge, NSW
Celebrating 10 years in business
Annual Road Trip
Our Annual On The Move road trip: Seventeen-Seventy, Qld
Winner - Best Aussie Vans
New Model: Traxx
Winner - Best Aussie Vans
Winner of Best Aussie Vans with our Grenade Series II
New Model: Grenade Series II
New Model: Toy Hauler
Cooper joins the OTM family
Caravan of Love
On The Move donated a Storm caravan to Ronald McDonald House in South Australia that was built with the help from some of their suppliers.
New Model: Grenade Exclusive
Convoy for Charity
On The Move Caravans took part in the 2013 Convoy for Charity with What’s Up Downunder (WUDU) with the Grenade Exclusive Family. The convoy was to help raise awareness and fundraise on behalf of the the McGrath Foundation. It was part of the WUDU Summer Series, which aired on Channel Ten early in 2014.
New Model: Storm
New Model: DriftA
New Model: Grenade
Lennie’s innovative idea – the first black awning in the industry on the Grenade
New Model: Infinity
New Model: Typhoon
New Model: Hornet
New Model: No Limits
On The Move Caravans was born
Lennie (an auto electrician) and Jennifer (an interior designer) decided to put their various trade skills together and formed their new business. Keeping it a family affair, Lennie and Jennifer’s son, Jermaine (aged 7), came up with the name – On The Move Caravans.
Lennie ‘s love of creating began by helping to build caravans alongside his father at a young age. Deciding to spend time as a family, in 2006 Lennie purpose built the family’s new caravan so that they could travel up and tour the Northern Territory with their boat while enjoying the fishing. Thus, the Ultimate Escape was born – a caravan with a tinnie underneath.
Whilst building the Ultimate Escape, Lennie discovered his true passion – watching his designs come to life. Jennifer, therefore, decided to book a site at the Melbourne Leisurefest that year to see if others shared his enthusiasm.
With a surprising number of orders from the Melbourne Leisurefest, the Ultimate Escape paved the way for On The Move to make its mark on the industry with an innovation that continues and today On The Move creates the finest quality caravans on the market.
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