Ethan and some of the team from Caravan HQ recently took a couple of On The Move Caravans away for a long weekend trip in the stunning Gold Coast hinterland. While he was there, he took the time to give a On The Move Caravans 18’6 Traxx Series 3 walk through.

It certainly looks like he is a fan of the 18’6 Traxx series 3. And what a stunning location to spend the weekend.

From all accounts, the team had a great time, and the caravans handled it like a dream. We will be looking forward to seeing more photos and video from this trip in the not too distant future.

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On The Move Caravans 18’6 Traxx Series 3 walk through is the first of many walk throughs to come. We will post these in our video section, as well as in our latest news, as they become available.

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How to make your Easter long weekend in your caravan EGG-citing

If you’ve got the kids with you while you’re out in the caravan this Easter long weekend, you might be scratching your head thinking about how you might keep them entertained.

We’ve compiled a list of our top tips for first timers that’ll help make that trip one to remember, for good reasons. 

Turn your campsite into an adventure zone with an outdoor Easter egg hunt.
Turn your campsite into an adventure zone with an outdoor Easter egg hunt.

As well as the usual activities you might do on holiday like fishing or bushwalking, you can think outside the box this holiday season. There’s no reason you can’t get crafty just because you’re in a caravan.


As well as bringing some traditional celebrations with you (think Easter egg hunts, eating hot cross buns and egg decorating) here’s a couple of ideas we think the kiddos will love.


Start by transforming your caravan into an Easter wonderland! Let the kids unleash their creativity with themed decorations. Think Bunny ears, colourful streamers, and homemade Easter banners, which can turn your caravan into a festive haven on wheels. Get everyone involved in the decoration process and watch your mobile home come to life with the spirit of Easter.


Everyone loves a good pancake - and you’ll love it even more when it’s this cute.



What’s Easter without an egg hunt? Turn your campsite into an adventure zone by organising an Easter egg hunt for the little explorers. Scatter colourful eggs in and around the caravan, making sure to choose age-appropriate hiding spots.


Consider assigning each child a specific colour to add an extra layer of excitement. Don’t forget to bring a basket for each eager hunter and let the egg-citement unfold!


Just make sure to be respectful if you’re parked up inside a caravan park – don’t hide anything in your neighbours’ campsite and make sure to keep chocolate away from wildlife.


If DIY isn’t your speed, check out local events.



Hop on over to the camp kitchen for a morning feast fit for bunny royalty! Craft a whimsical masterpiece by flipping a pancake into a perfect bunny face (or go wild with a towering stack if the hunger monster strikes).


Add long ears with sliced bananas, pretzel whiskers, blueberry eyes and crown it all with two marshmallow buck teeth. It’s not just breakfast, it’s a hopping good time. Drizzle with maple syrup and cream for the ultimate delight.


They might have been on the supermarket shelves since Christmas, but honestly there is nothing like a warm hot cross bun with lashings of butter.


Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you need to miss out – in fact, we think this might be even better. You’re probably parked up in a caravan park or camping spot in a great little town for the Easter long weekend, so we’d bet there’s a fantastic bakery not far. Perfect for sitting around a campfire or picnic.


We’re all for supporting local while you travel and can’t think of a better way than this.




Gather around the camp table for an egg-decorating extravaganza! Boil a batch of eggs and provide paints, markers, stickers, and other craft supplies.


Let the kids unleash their artistic talents as they transform plain eggs into miniature masterpieces.


Some popular methods of Easter egg decorating include painting, dyeing, decoupaging, wax-resist, and etching.

It’s a fun and creative activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.



While we’re still thinking about arts and crafts, why not make some cute bunny ears or Easter bonnets. Set up a crafting station with an assortment of materials like felt, ribbons, and pom-poms. Once everyone has their festive headgear, take a stroll around the caravan park to showcase your creative Easter fashion.


Bonus points for incorporating caravan-themed elements into your designs!




Inject some friendly competition into your Easter festivities with the classic Egg and Spoon Race. Provide each child with a hard-boiled egg and a spoon, and let the racing begin!


The challenge lies in balancing the egg on the spoon while navigating a designated course. For an extra twist, consider introducing obstacles or turning it into a relay race. The first one to cross the finish line with their egg intact claims the title of Egg and Spoon Champion and, of course, a delicious Easter reward.


It’s a fantastic way to combine physical activity with the joy of Easter games, creating lasting memories for the entire caravan crew.