On The Move Caravans and the road to excellence

On The Move Caravans and the road to excellence

In recent years, the RV market in Australia has experienced unprecedented growth, capturing the hearts of adventure-seekers and travellers alike. This surge in popularity, however, has brought forth some challenges for industry players, such as securing qualified staff, ensuring parts availability, and meeting the rising demand for caravans.

At the heart of this thriving market stands On The Move Caravans, a company with a steadfast commitment to delivering top-quality caravans at affordable prices while providing unparalleled service and warranties to customers. To uphold this dedication to excellence and cater to the escalating demand, On The Move Caravans has made a strategic decision to form a partnership that will allow us to better serve our current and future customers.

To achieve our goal of delivering high-quality caravans with exceptional after-sales support, On The Move Caravans has chosen to partner with Network Engineering, one of Australia’s largest and most reputable caravan manufacturers. This collaboration promises to bring exciting new innovations while upholding On The Move Caravans’ reputation for prestige and boutique caravans.

Advantages of this collaboration;

  1. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment: On The Move Caravans gains access to Network’s cutting edge production facilities, allowing them to enhance manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing demand efficiently.
  2. Innovative Research and Development: This facilitates joint investments in research and development, propelling the industry forward with new and improved build methods.
  3. Strength in unity: This allows us greater leverage in purchasing which assists in overcoming inflationary pressures.

The driving force: The On The Move Caravans team;

At the core of On The Move Caravans lies the exceptional team, who embody the company’s values of integrity, experience, and customercentricity. The key team members will continue to guide the brand and maintain our unique products whilst we take advantage of the collaborations benefits. The key team members leading the charge include;


  • Luke Hallett GM: Driving the company’s commitment to delivering excellence and innovation.
  • Peter Naylor Engineering: An expert in caravan engineering and design, pushing the boundaries of design and technology.
  • Will Fierro Design: Ensuring the elegant and stylish aesthetics of On The Move Caravans continues it’s unique look and feel.
  • Abraham Fouani National Sales Manager: A skilled sales expert, forging strong and lasting connections with customers and dealers.
  • Brig Dooley Brand Admin: The organisational backbone, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.


The team are working right now on releasing updated ranges for our XX series caravans. We can expect to see the new Traxx Series 4, a new Vortexx, and a rebirth of Explorexx in a matter of weeks, all coming from our collaboration. We are now able to reduce the wait times on current orders, and customers waiting on their caravans can expect to see them much sooner, due to the improved efficiencies derived from working with the team at Network.

The collaboration between On The Move Caravans marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of our brand. With a dedicated team at the helm, On The Move Caravans is set to deliver top-quality, innovative and stylish caravans that cater to the dreams and desires of adventurers on the open road. As the journey unfolds, On The Move Caravans remains committed to its vision of delivering the best caravans in the industry, ensuring that every road trip is a memory to cherish a lifetime.