Ethan and some of the team from Caravan HQ recently took a couple of On The Move Caravans away for a long weekend trip in the stunning Gold Coast hinterland. While he was there, he took the time to give a On The Move Caravans 18’6 Traxx Series 3 walk through.

It certainly looks like he is a fan of the 18’6 Traxx series 3. And what a stunning location to spend the weekend.

From all accounts, the team had a great time, and the caravans handled it like a dream. We will be looking forward to seeing more photos and video from this trip in the not too distant future.

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On The Move Caravans 18’6 Traxx Series 3 walk through is the first of many walk throughs to come. We will post these in our video section, as well as in our latest news, as they become available.

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'Why we chose the Gypsy life': Inspiring reason behind young couple's adventure

Troy McLachlan and Areti Comino didn’t want to wait until they were ‘Grey Nomads’ to follow their dream of a life on the road. 

Instead of fantasizing about all the amazing places they could go, the Gold Coast couple bought an On The Move Traxx Series 4 – and now they’re preparing to head off. 

Troy McLachlan and Areti Comino hang out with fellow On The Move ambassador and Creek to Coast host Scotty Hillier. PHOTO: The Thrivin’ Wanderers
Troy McLachlan and Areti Comino hang out with fellow On The Move ambassador and Creek to Coast host Scotty Hillier. PHOTO: The Thrivin’ Wanderers

“We plan to go with the wind, be free, be gypsies I suppose,” Areti said.  

For Troy and Areti, the prospect of waiting until retirement was not an option. 

Both their fathers died young and that’s inspired them not to wait to follow their dreams.   

“My dad was 59 and her dad was 60,” Troy said.

“So that was one of the driving forces behind why we decided we wanted to do it now, while we’ve got that window of opportunity. 

“You could do it later, but you might not get to.”

The new On The Move ambassadors said they chose the Traxx Series 4 20ft front door model because it was Australian made, had the features they wanted, quality internal fittings and was customizable. 

“We went to lots of caravan shows and we were super happy with the quality of it,” Troy said.

The couple enjoyed some time at Rainbow Beach during the 2023 On The Move Owners Meet. PHOTO: The Thrivin’ Wanderers
The couple chose the OTM Traxx Series 4 because it was Australian made, among other things. PHOTO: The Thrivin’ Wanderers

Photo credit to Meerkat Creative

One of the couple’s goals is to live off grid while still being able to run their businesses remotely – made possible by the Traxx Series 4’s upgradable battery system. 

“That was the other thing that really stood out for us; the solar and the batteries giving you that opportunity to be away from people and still be able to work as well.

“We want to get away from the caravan parks and off-grid as much as possible, so that’s why we upgraded all the batteries.” 

The RV world is changing and it’s not just about the Grey Nomads anymore. Young couples and families are hitting the road; Troy and Areti are proof of that.

Since buying the van in November last year, the couple have been on a few short runs.

One trip included the 2023 On The Move Owners Retreat, where they met a host of other couples and families travelling full time.

“We’ve done a few runs in it, any chance we get, we’re like little kids, we’re so excited,” Areti said.

Cheers to their new lifestyle! PHOTO: The Thrivin’ Wanderers
Troy and Areti PHOTO: The Thrivin’ Wanderers

Their trip will start from their base on the Gold Coast in Queensland, they’ll head up north first, to a wedding in the Atherton Tablelands. After that, the two don’t have a solid plan – the world is their oyster.

“We don’t want to do the typical lap of Australia, we’ve got no time limit or direction, so whichever way we want to go, we’ll go,” Areti said. 

“We did the Great Ocean Road in winter for a long weekend, and we loved that, so we’re keen to get across (to the west) a bit further. We love coastal beaches and that sort of thing and then of course exploring the outback is cool too.”

Destinations that are on the cards for this trip include northwest Western Australia and the South Australian coastline.

You can follow Troy and Areti’s adventure – to see where they end up – here via their socials, The Thrivin Wanderers.

The couple bought their van in November last year and have taken it out for a few short trips. PHOTO: The Thrivin’ Wanderers
Troy and Areti’s On The Move Traxx Series 4 is all ready to hit the road. PHOTO: The Thrivin’ Wanderers

Not only is February 29 travellers Troy McLachlan and Areti Comino’s anniversary, but it’s the first day of the rest of their lives – the day they head off on the trip of a lifetime. 

“We’ve been together for four years and we’re planning to head off on the day we met,” Areti said. 

Troy and Areti were both living at the Gold Coast when they met in Broadbeach.

“We were out one night, and Troy stumbled over to me, (and we discovered) we’ve got lots in common with each other,” she said.


One of those things is, of course, the love of travelling. They’ve already seen parts of Australia together and separately, but they were always doing it – as Troy says – “in five-star-hotels”. 

In a bid to see the country in a different way, the couple recently bought their first caravan, an On The Move Traxx Series 4 van, and plan to hit the road soon. 

“It wasn’t until we met that we discovered that we liked exploring in this way (in a caravan) going to places like Moreton Island and Fraser Island (now known as K’gari),” Troy said.  

The pair have both established successful careers and can work remotely, so decided there was nothing holding them back. 

Troy owns a finance group and Areti owns several Snap Fitness clubs.  

They’ll both be managing their businesses on the road, as well as documenting every minute of their journey on their social media account.

Areti said she’s excited to indulge in her love of landscape photography, but it won’t just be all about the pretty pictures – the couple want to create a community that shares and supports each other, that understands the need to help others.  

“We’re both really creative and naturally I like to create content and I think what we want to do while we’re on the road requires us to have that social presence,” Areti said. 

“But for us it’s not all about tourism, we want to be a good platform to share and help others. We want to tap into local economies and put a spotlight on fundraising on the road as well.

“There’s something always going on when the two of us are together on the road. He’s a bit of a hazard sometimes, so it should be entertaining for everyone.” 

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