Off Roader

With an exterior that is built to be both visually appealing but also practical, the Off Roader is one caravan you should look at.


Independent suspension, 6″ chassis, solar power, dual batteries and loads more features – too much to mention – this van will be your home away from home with ease.

Stepping into this van, I can assure you, you will feel right at home with the space and design practicality this van offers. No matter the size, you will not be disappointed. 



With the original Traxx caravan winner of the 2015 Best Aussie Vans for its category, the updated version of the Traxx Series II Off Roader is a pleasure for those travelling in it. The modern and contemporary design both on the interior and the exterior create a caravan that is worthy of the saying,"Home away from home". The Traxx Series II Off Roader is a popular option for those who wish to travel off the beaten track but still wish to maintain a budget. So sit back, relax and imagine where your next "Traxx" will lead you - Go out and make Traxx!
External Body Length: Internal Body Length: External Body Width: Internal Height:
5.68m 5.33m 2.34m 2.01m

Floorplans and imagery are for illustrative purposes only and may contain upgraded features.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Independent Suspension with Twin Shockers Light Weight Supergal Chassis
Extended Drawbar 2 Arm Bumper Bar
6” Chassis 6” A-Frame
D035 Hitch 16” Tyres and Rims
8” Jockey Wheel Drop Down Stabilising Legs
Single Manual Pullout Step 

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